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  • Nikki Witte, MSW

    You want to be the best parent you can be; and you have thought or wondered how best to support your child’s emotional well-being.  Being mentally healthy during childhood includes reaching developmental and emotional milestones and learning healthy social skills ; learning how to cope when there are problems. Mentally healthy children are more likely to have a positive quality of life and are more likely to function well at home, school and in their communities. 

    You’ve noticed your child doesn’t play  as much as they used to.  You’ve noticed they yell and/or say mean things when they are mad; maybe even throw things. You’re tired of the melt downs, temper tantrums, calls from the school/daycare, and the fights/arguing, and nagging to get your child to follow instructions. 

    No one escapes this life unscathed from bad things happening; whether it’s exposure to sex things, or physical punishment; divorce, conflict within the family system, verbal or physical aggression, abandonment by a parent, death of a beloved pet, parent or other relative, bullying, and/or natural disasters, relocating to new towns, cities, schools etc.  

    You know you’ve struggled with many life stressors, maybe what’s behind the behavior is your child’s difficulty in expressing and managing their response to stressors. 

    This is where Nikki can help you, and your child thrive in this life.  

    Nikki has received training in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and play therapy.  She utilizes play and expressive approaches and is currently under the supervision of a Registered Play Therapist Supervisor.  

    Nikki’s client centered approaches and use of play provides children, adolescents and caregivers a platform to connect and develop healthy social skills and coping mechanisms. Nikki’s core roots as a social worker have guided her therapy practice as every client’s self-determination is respected as well as their dignity and worth.

    Fun Facts:

    On the weekends, Nikki enjoys spending time with her dogs by taking them for walks and playing with them outside. Her favorite thing to do is expressive arts, and she has recently started art journaling and painting in her free time.

    Qualifications (the boring part): (feel free to skip if you know Nikki is the one who can help you and your child)

    Nicole “Nikki” Witte graduated from the Florida State University with a Master’s in Social Work and got her undergraduate degree in psychology at the University of West Georgia.

    She has worked with a range of ages, including young adults, teenagers/adolescents, and children. Nikki has experience working with depression, anxiety, and trauma, with an interest in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Play Therapy, and Expressive Arts Therapy. She is working on getting her licensure to become a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) and will then be working on her clinical hours to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

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