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    Scott Roberts III

    ED.D, APC

    Pro-Nouns: He/Him

    Most days your child is a breeze to raise and is a great source of pride.  Now it seems, your child has gone from an angel to a holy terror overnight.  Grades have slipped, you’re finding food wrappers hidden everywhere in their room, showers are a nightmare-you beg and plead just to get them to shower more than 2x a week, and overall hygiene has declined.  Maybe your child has become disrespectful, tells you he hates you, wishes you were dead; especially in response to being asked to do something such as homework or tidying his room.  Your daughter has been getting in a lot of fights with her friends lately (sleepovers, parties, school) and there’s increased gossip and secret telling.  You may have heard your child say “life sucks, I hate life”.    The school counselor has called with concerns your child has started cutting.  You just don’t understand what is going on.

    During this time of COVID-19, you’ve noticed your anxiety and your child’s have increased.  It’s hard to sleep.  You’re unable to focus on anything and you’re not completing your To-DO List.  You’ve felt stuck and uncertain as to what or where to go.  You’ve lost interest in what you used to enjoy.  You feel lonely.  Some days’s it’s hard to get out of bed and put one foot in front of the other.  You’re constantly asking “why?” or “why do bad things seem to always happen to me?”.

    Scott Roberts, Ed.D. APC understands the challenges school-aged children/teens and adults are facing today.  As a person who struggles at times with anxiety, attention, and focus, Scott is aware of the impact.  Scott is a local school counselor and a therapist who will help you and your child/teen navigate these turbulent years. His expertise and knowledge will improve communication, attitude, and conflict.  As a School Counselor, Scott gets the day to day challenges of parenting school-aged children. The homework struggles, the school functions, the demands, and phone calls. He understands the pressure you’re under as a parent, and the pressure your child/pre-teen is under.

    Scott uses cognitive and behavioral therapies to help adults improve and manage the challenges in life.  His approach provides the skills needed to move forward, live, and love life again.

    Scott incorporates cognitive-based play and expressive approaches to help your child, teen and family get through the tough times and reconnect. By using play and expressive approaches, it helps to create more joy and disarm the fear and anxiety.

    Not certain about working with a male therapist, Scott invites you to give it a try.  It’s common to have some reservations about choosing a male/female therapist. Many people choose a male therapist specifically because they can be easier to talk to, a positive male role model, and a desire to experience a healthy relationship.

    There are many things to take into consideration when looking for a therapist who is a good fit; gender is only one part of that equation. Other factors such as ethnicity, experience, modality, specialties, or location might be more important. Many people have different levels of comfort with different genders. This can be because of past experience, personal belief systems, or communication style. Most importantly, you want to feel like your therapist understands you  and Scott want’s this for you.

    Some fun facts about Scott…

    He enjoys spending time with his beloved dog SoHo.  Exercise and fitness are ways he has found to manage the many stressors of life.  Hiking and Spartan racing are ways Scott cares for himself.  Scott loves to travel north and south, where he spends time with family and friends.  Scott loves cooking.

    Now-the qualifications… (important and kind of boring part)-feel free to skip if you already know Scott is the one you want to help you

    Scott is from the GA/FL area.  He received his Masters in Counseling and Psychology from Troy University in 2009. He received his doctorate in Education from the University of West Florida in 2013.  Scott has worked in education for 15 years; and been a school counselor since 2009.  Scott has experience in teaching at the college level.  Scott has experience working with depression, anxiety, trauma, and autism in teens/adults.

    He has recently applied for his License in Professional Counseling.  He has been and is currently under the supervision of a Registered Play Therapist Supervisor. He has experience working with ages 9 to 82 and a variety of different challenges.