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  • A Therapist’s Take on Spiritual Healing

    We learn that when we have a fever or are throwing up to go to a family doctor.


    When we break a bone, we go to the hospital.


    Dentists tend our teeth, psychologists work out issues with our minds, and therapists address emotional needs.

    Whose job is it to fix our spirit…

                                              When our spirit is broken?  

                                                                          What can we do and who can help us?


    I attended a discussion on moral injury from the Dope Black Social Worker, which included discussion on spiritual healing as means of addressing moral injury. This led to the question of what to do and where are the instructions or guidelines for addressing your spiritual needs. Unfortunately, the answer was that spiritual healing is unique to each individual and that there is no uniform answer for how to do it.


    In confusion and difficult times in life, spirituality and a connection to the world is often the missing piece of the puzzle. For myself, I really focused my intentions for the last few weeks on recognizing the ways that I address my spiritual needs. My individual definition of spirituality is my connection to the world and nature. This definition only applies to me, and there is room for so much individualization in what feeds your spirit.


    When my spirit is clear and full, I feel myself having more creative thoughts, feeling more inspired, and being more open to believing that I can do anything I want to. These are the things that have worked for me, when completed consistently, in regards to addressing my spirituality.



    Experiencing the natural world has a large impact on me and my experiences. I’ve made a point to visit a park a week, walking through the woods without music. I’ve gone with friends, dogs, and just by myself. Walking through the woods, through my neighborhood, or sitting in my backyard- all of these things force me to tune my senses to the world around me.


    Daily reading and writing impact the way that my brain wakes up and gets going. In the past, I’ve notice that I read for work or write for work. This sometimes causes me to take for granted something that I genuinely love and really enjoy. Scheduling time to read and write for no purpose other than to explore my thoughts and allow myself to just enjoy myself really wakes up my spirit. I’ve noticed a great increase in my creative juices and motivation.


    Finally, making a point to surround myself with people who make me feel challenged and who are also enjoying life has made an impact on how I feel spiritually. Something about making the intentional decision to match my energy with those around me creates a very positive experience. Acknowledging that some individuals, whether they be close friends or even coworkers, are more beneficial and understanding to your spiritual journey than others is a strong realization. It’s relieving and helpful.


    While these three things will not work for everyone, they are examples of spiritual healing. Connecting yourself to the world and recognizing things that are bigger than you brings solace and comfort.


    If you’re feeling disconnected to your spirit or feeling that you’re hitting a wall in your journey of addressing your personal needs, consider reconnecting to your spirit. Explore and determine the things in your life that heal your spirit and feed your soul.

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