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    Meet Our Staff

    Hannah Newton, MSW Student Intern

    Hannah Newton, MSW Student Intern

    Hello! My name is Hannah Newton, and I am an intern here at Waves for the Spring 2024-Fall 2025 semesters. I am passionate about meeting my clients where they are in their lives and walking alongside them in their journey to well-being! Regardless of what brings you to counseling, I strive to help clients give […]
    Susan Turnipseed, LPC

    Susan Turnipseed, LPC

    Susan believes that human relationships are the heart and soul of life and searches for the beauty and positive traits in every client. As an Empath, she is quite familiar with challenges with emotional boundaries, clearing, and grounding.  Susan is a natural encourager, exudes empathy,  and strives to bring out the best in you.  Qualifications:  […]

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