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  • EMDR Consultation

    You completed the intense training and received the foundational skills and knowledge of EMDR Therapy during your EMDRIA approved Basic Training and are an EMDR trained clinician.  You received a lot of information in a short-time frame, which often leaves one feeling unprepared. 

    Many Clinicians are interested in furthering their proficiency in integrating, implementing and understand how to use EMDR beyond the BASIC training. Whether you’re your looking for certification, have 20 years of experience or have just recently completed Basic, there are new things to learn. 

    EMDR is a widely applied approach and it takes time to learn and practice a variety of applications. Imposter Syndrome often springs forward, especially when there is an expectation to begin practice immediately after initial training.

    An EMDRIA approved Consultant for individual and group offers the support needed to work towards feeling competent. Many Consultants offer additional consultation within particular specialities.  

    Basic training is an investment, and like any investment, you can allow it to be stagnant, and dwindle away, or you can grow it. 

    Research has shown how the lack of consultation and support hinders the trained EMDR Clinician’s ability to effectively implement EMDR, often resulting in a lack of using it at all.  Thereby, making consultation integral.

    Consultation will offer you a place to express feelings and receive feedback on a client which will positively impact you and your clients.  Discussing ideas and successes provides motivation to try new things.  

    Choosing an Approved Consultant who fits your needs and goals is highly important. 

    Danyale Weems, LCSW, RTPS is an approved Consultant offering guidance and support  in a Consultee-Centered approach. Danyale believes in helping consultee’s learn to trust themselves and their clinical judgment; while focusing on skills and building their knowledge.  

    As a Play Therapist and specialized training in expressive/creative arts, Danyale teaches Consultee’s how to guide clients who struggle verbally and facilitates reprocessing of pre-verbal and non-verbal trauma. 

    Danyale is highly trained in Dissociation, and currently undergoing an extensive training in childhood dissociation.  Often times, dissociation is the missing key.  Understanding dissociation and how to help your clients will vastly improve the success you have.  

    Recognizing the importance of focusing on activities and requirements for new goals, Danyale can offer you guidance on your  path through speciality area consultation.

    Special Interests Groups include: EMDR and Dissociative Disorders (with all ages) and EMDR with Children and Adolescents.  

    Special Topics include: EMDR with Autism, EMDR and Expressive Arts Therapy, EMDR in the school setting and EMDR and Play Therapy.  Call or Email Today!