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  • Nature-Based Therapy (& Play)

    Nature-Based Therapy, (AKA) Eco-Therapy is being recognized as a a  prescribed way to improve depression, anxiety,  anger,  focus,  and attention; reduces blood pressure, heart rate, muscle  tension and the production  of stress hormones, and improves our social interactions through making us friendlier and more likely to reach out to others.  

    “Direct exposure to nature is essential for a healthy childhood development and for the physical and emotional health of children’s and adults”-Richard Louv

    Since 2005, there has been a copious amount of research connected to the disconnection from nature and the detrimental effects it is having on the human psyche, mental and physical well-being.

    “The Nature Principle” contend’s people of all ages are vulnerable to the negative effects of nature-deficit disorder unless a conscious effort is made to be outside more.

    At Waves  Counseling  Services, LLC the main location offers plenty of open green space to walk and talk, sit on, and run and play.

    There are opportunities for nature based therapy to be indoors.  Our  clients have enjoyed creating mandala’s using nature items found on site; painting leaves and rocks.  

    Incorporating Nature in your time with us, helps to foster self-esteem, self-regulation, mindfulness and creates a sense of wonder, awe and delight.

    Physical activity in an outdoor setting is effective in reducing negative emotions, improving attention and self-esteem.  Having the space available to spend even 5 minutes of our time together helps to improve overall mood and self-esteem.  

    Nature  and Play work well together, fostering a healing place for all.