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    Tips For Parents


    DO’s (depending on the situation or the age of your child some of the following may not apply)

    • Tell your child that therapy is not a “test or an exam”
    • Tell your child therapy will usually last 45min and will happen every week or every other week
    • Bring your child therapy as scheduled and on time-children feel more secure and do better in therapy when they have consistent appointments
    • Tell your child that therapy is confidential


    • Tell your child she is going to therapy because she/he is “bad” or “the problem” or something is “wrong with them”
    • Tell him/her to listen to the therapist and do whatever she/he is asked to do
    • Give your child any pressure about being good in session
    • Tell your child how much the session costs or that it is expensive
    • Talk about your concerns regarding your child to me in front of your child as this usually makes children feel uncomfortable.  If you would like to discuss a concern please use the parent weekly report or call prior to the session

    Other Do’s and Don’ts between sessions

    • Try not to force your child to come to sessions.  If theres a problem bringing your child to sessions, please call me to consult.
    • Do not give consequences or any punishments if your child refuses to come to sessions.
    • Try not to bribe your child to go to sessions e.g. if you go you get ice cream afterwards
    • If your child shows you a drawing after her sessions, try not to say any judging comments such as “it’s a beautiful picture” “how come the person isn’t smiling, or has no hands”
    • After the session, DON’T ask your child if she had fun or a good time-it’s “therapy”
    • Important Reminders for Each Session
    • Ask your child what they did or talked about in session
    • Please call me, email or text me the day prior to the session if there are significant updates so I am kept informed and can plan accordingly
    • It’s best for your child to wear play clothes and “dress for mess”
    • Please wait until your appointment time to enter the office and wait quietly in the reception area
    • Ensure your child has a healthy snack prior to the session.  Please do not send your child into session with any food or drinks.
    • Please do not send your child to session with toys from home.  The focus should be on the toys/materials/activities in the play room as they have been specifically designed for therapeutic value. Your child may want to bring a special toy to share with me, if so I will address this directly with your child and you may allow her to bring it.  Your child may be asked to bring a special toy, if so I will let you know this.
    • Take your child to the bathroom before the session.