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    Young Adult

    “You’re off to great places.  Today is your Day.  Your mountain is waiting.  So Get on your Way”

    The day finally came that you imagined.  You graduated high school.  Now What?  You fantasized about living on your own and being totally independent.  You couldn’t wait to have full control.  Truth is your 20’s can be one of the hardest times of your life and nobody tells you this.  It’s when you’re making all the decisions on your own (or at least you feel you have too).  It’s hard not to feel lost and alone.  You feel as though you’re going to fail. You’ve managed to make it through school, maybe you’ve gotten your degree’s.  You’re worried you’re not going to reach your career goals, be independent and you just don’t want to go back home to your parents.

    You’re not sure what you want to do with you life.  You thought you wanted to one thing, and then you decided on another.

    You don’t mind working hard, you’re eager to learn and you are creative.  You will figure this out.


    What Makes US different

    Our Clinicians know how hard Adulting can be.  We know the struggles and anxiety that comes with many decisions.  You are juggling many things on your plate and this makes your life feel overwhelming.  The pressure from your friends, social media, jobs, parents, and dating all adds up.  We have the latest training and education to help guide you.  The skills and tools you will learn from our Clinicians will follow you into Adulthood.  Our Clinicians are creative, engaging and believe in the power of the relationship.  You will have a safe, nonjudgmental place where:

    • You will get to talk, explore, and be creative
    • Collaborate and joined with
    • Be allowed time and given choices
    • You will learn and heal
    • We will use art, play, sand
    • learn and practice skills
    • You will be affirmed and referred to in your chosen pronoun